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Harbin, CN, Dec. 14, 2022, 07:10 pm EST
Harbin's modern agriculture is developing in full course

 "One in nine bowls of rice in the country is produced in Heilongjiang."

Wuchang has been world-renowned for its agricultural products img#1
Wuchang has been world-renowned for its agricultural products

Harbin's modern agriculture is developing in full course

Northeast China boasts black land that is suitable for rice planting. Thanks to the fertile soil, Harbin contributes one fifth to Heilongjiang's total rice production. In recent years, Harbin has applied advanced digital technologies in agricultural production. For this purpose, Harbin produced and released a short video Meet in Harbin: Smart Agriculture to vividly introduce the city's agricultural development.

Focusing on rice production as the leading industry, Wuchang in Harbin has built a high-quality national modern agricultural park and launched a number of smart agriculture projects.

Wuchang has been world-renowned for its agricultural products including "Wuchang Rice". The application of agricultural helicopters and UAVs has greatly improved work efficiency. All data about the paddies such as water level, oxygen content and water temperature are monitored all-weather by the AI monitor room in the Agricultural IoT Service Center of Wuchang.

25,000 farmers have installed the "Smart Agriculture" APP in their mobile phones, so that they can communicate with agricultural experts anytime. The center also has a rice traceability system, social service system, agricultural product electronic information system and government resource system, which are linked with another two platforms of Big Data and Expert Cloud, so as to ensure that consumers can buy the authentic Wuchang rice. The Big Data 4.0 Platform developed by the center also provides farmers with precise data on the price trends and marketing of various crops.

In recent years, Harbin has significantly improved its agricultural production automation, precision and intelligence, and realized more efficient management. While labor is reduced, the utilization rate of water resources, fertilizers and pesticides has been significantly increased. With the accelerated transformation of agricultural development mode, a number of replicable and promotable integrated application models of digital agricultural technology have emerged to boost agricultural modernization.

Harbin has seen bumper harvest of grain for 19 consecutive years. The comprehensive mechanization rate of planting and harvesting of major crops has reached 98.3%, with a stable grain output of more than 24 billion jin (12 billion kg). In addition, agricultural product processing is also developing at a faster pace. The per capita disposable income of rural residents achieved a two-fold increase. The sustainable and high-quality development of modern agriculture has laid the solid foundation for Harbin to build a "City of Modern Agriculture".