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Blockchain is still a strong growing market and it is gaining popularity not only through the well-known crypto coins, but also through various new products and derivatives, like NFTs. Only, reaching those people for new and smaller projects is not easy. Even if you have developed a blockchain project with a great "real world use case" it is not easy to reach those people who might be interested in it.

How do you reach a target audience that is interested in blockchain and crypto currency related news? With Buzzafy you can easily send a news or PR message to national and international media, journalists and influencers.

Crypto and Blockchain related press releases are not accepted everywhere. But Buzzafy strongly believes in blockchain & decentralized technology, therefore submitting a press release is also not a problem as long as your press release meets the editorial guidelines.

Sending a press release through Buzzafy makes you stand out among the many blockchain companies, startups and projects. And we offer you several tools to boost your brand awareness and reputation, we make sure that your crypto press release catches the attention of the right audience.

Moreover, in press releases sent through Buzzafy you can easily add a link to your website. And because press releases through Buzzafy are automatically posted on our own news network, including several crypto news websites, you can immediately generate multiple external links to your website.

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