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"Cards Ahoy!" x "NARAKA": The First Shot of Chain Game Revival with a 90% Retention Rate

This collaboration between "Cards Ahoy!" and "NARAKA" sets an exemplary model for cooperation between Web3 games and traditional game IPs, marking an important step towards maturity in the Web3 gaming field. Through this innovativ

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"Cards Ahoy!" x "NARAKA": The First Shot of Chain Game Revival with a 90% Retention Rate

At the beginning of 2024, the SEC officially approved 11 Bitcoin spot ETF applications, marking a significant step towards the legalization and mainstream acceptance of the cryptocurrency industry. This event brought unprecedented vitality to the entire Web3 ecosystem, with Bitcoin breaking through the $70,000 mark to reach a new all-time high. Against this backdrop, the GameFi sector, an integral part of the cryptocurrency market, has also seen a resurgence. In this early stage of the bull market, a blockbuster game with a retention rate as high as 90% was born — "Cards Ahoy!".

"Cards Ahoy!" is a Web3 card game developed by the seasoned team at Metalist Game. It not only inherits the technical support and development experience from renowned gaming companies but also integrates a deep understanding of the current gaming market and a unique perspective on future trends. Throughout several rounds of rigorous testing, the game has demonstrated highly attractive data performance and player feedback.

On March 13th, the official white paper of the game was released, announcing a series of important updates, including the introduction of a brand new asset, the Mythical Card. On March 15th, an official announcement was made about the IP collaboration with NARAKA and the commencement of public test reservations. With all preparations proceeding at a rapid pace, the enthusiasm within the gaming community continues to grow. "Cards Ahoy!" is set to enter its public testing phase on March 27th, unveiling the mysteries of this highly anticipated new chain game card game and providing a more comprehensive and enriched gaming experience to players worldwide.

Impressive Test Data for "Cards Ahoy!": A 90% Retention Rate Rekindles Interest in Blockchain Gaming

The popularity of "Cards Ahoy!" is no fluke; its unique position in the Web3 gaming domain is attributed to several advantages. As a native project on the opBNB blockchain, the game has been included in the BNB Star and Opbnb Odyess missions, garnering widespread community support and recognition. The top-tier team behind "Cards Ahoy!" comprises developers from major gaming companies such as NetEase, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Riot Games, providing robust technical and creative backing. These experienced developers have leveraged their extensive expertise to incorporate elements from classic card games like Marvel Contest of Champions, Hearthstone, and Onmyoji, significantly enhancing the gameplay and strategic depth of "Cards Ahoy!" The game has consistently received widespread acclaim from players and high attention from the market due to its excellent game design, stunning visual effects, and innovative Web3 elements throughout multiple rounds of testing.

During its second public test, "Cards Ahoy!" already demonstrated significant potential, with over 1.6 million total pre-registrations and approximately 25,000 players participating in the beta test, including 20,000 from traditional Web2 backgrounds. The game achieved nearly 180,000 hours of online playtime, with over 40 million collisions, and a ten-day retention rate of 47%. In the trading market, the highest transaction price for a single NFT card even reached 600 USDT, indicating players' recognition and enthusiasm for the game's internal assets.

The data from the third test was even more impressive, with total participant numbers only at 4,500, but nearly 4,000 daily active users, and an astonishing ten-day retention rate of 90.13%. This figure not only far exceeds similar games but also sets a new benchmark for the entire Web3 gaming domain. In this test, the CAC test token of "Cards Ahoy!" topped the trading volume on the opBNB trading platform, and the total transaction volume in the NFT trading market exceeded 1.15 million USDT, with the highest single card transaction value reaching 6,000 USDT. This clearly demonstrates "Cards Ahoy!'s" unique position in the hearts of players and its potential for future appreciation.

New White Paper Released! Introducing Mythic Cards to Enhance Player Asset Value

On March 13th, the official new white paper for "Cards Ahoy!" was released, revealing significant adjustments and innovative highlights for the game's future development, providing players and investors with a clearer vision of the game and its economic model. Among these updates, Mythic Cards, as the top governance assets within the game's ecosystem, were particularly emphasized, indicating their central role in the player asset system and their multidimensional value.

The total number of Mythic Cards is strictly limited to 9,680, and they are standardized under ERC-721 to ensure their unique attributes and values. Each Mythic Card belongs to one of the four factions in the game: Animals, Plants, Zombies, or Neutral, and is directly endowed with the highest level of combat power, Level 10, making them a key factor in changing the course of battles. The white paper highlights that players owning Mythic Cards will enjoy top-tier game utility value, which not only means having an advantage in battles but also represents the ability to achieve higher victory rates through strategic team composition and tactical planning. Additionally, Mythic Cards will serve as a bridge connecting globally renowned IPs with the world of "Cards Ahoy!", introducing a diverse cultural IP world that brings continuous benefits to players, thereby significantly enhancing the cultural value and global influence of Mythic Cards.

More importantly, as significant assets for game governance, Mythic Cards will grant their holders the power to participate in the governance of the game's ecosystem. This means that players can directly influence the game's future development direction and rule changes, playing a more active and central role in the game's ecosystem.

With these comprehensive and in-depth designs, the release of the "Cards Ahoy!" white paper has clarified the importance of Mythic Cards in the game, not only greatly enriching the asset value for players but also providing a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the game's ecosystem and deep engagement within the player community.

Web3's "Clash Royale": The Must-Play Mobile Game of 2024

"Cards Ahoy!" is meticulously crafted by the avant-garde team at Metalist Game, encapsulating the elite wisdom from giants in the gaming industry such as NetEase, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Riot Games, signifying its leading position in the Web3 gaming domain. This team boasts a successful collaboration history with renowned entities like the Associated Press and "NARAKA", and has joined forces with The Ton Network aiming to launch the first Telegram game within the Ton ecosystem, suggesting "Cards Ahoy!" could be a pivotal force in triggering a bull market. With Telegram's 800 million monthly active users and the capability for fast, low-cost transactions, "Cards Ahoy!" holds significant technological and market potential advantages.

The widespread popularity of "Cards Ahoy!" is no accident; its unique standing in the Web3 gaming space is attributed to several advantages. Firstly, as a native project on the opBNB blockchain, the game has been incorporated into the BNB Star and Opbnb Odyess missions, receiving broad community support and acknowledgment. The top-tier team background, comprising developers from leading gaming companies such as NetEase, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Riot Games, provides "Cards Ahoy!" with robust technical and creative support. These seasoned developers, leveraging their extensive experience, have integrated elements from classic card games like Marvel Contest of Champions, Hearthstone, and Onmyoji, significantly elevating the gameplay and strategic depth of "Cards Ahoy!".

Moreover, the game has already caused a stir on multiple social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. The surge of related live streams, tutorial videos, and trading of game activation codes further attest to its high playability and the enthusiasm of the gaming community. Additionally, "Cards Ahoy!" has received high praise from top Key Opinion Leaders including Hearthstone champion Yuwan and leading gaming guilds from Korea and Japan, greatly enhancing the game's visibility and appeal.

With its innovative design, rich strategic depth, and strong community backing, "Cards Ahoy!" is swiftly becoming the "Clash Royale" of the Web3 realm, heralding the birth of the next blockbuster game for the masses. It not only offers a novel gaming experience but also injects fresh vitality into the GameFi sector, serving as an innovative platform for players and developers to explore new game mechanics and economic models. Its success demonstrates the immense potential of top-tier team collaboration and community engagement.

Web3 x NetEase's "Naraka" This GameFi Collaboration Has Big Ambitions

On March 15th, "Cards Ahoy!" and "NARAKA" officially announced a thrilling IP collaboration, marking a new chapter in the partnership between the Web3 gaming realm and traditional Web2 gaming giant, NetEase. "NARAKA", a multiplayer action combat game that once topped the Steam charts, is taking a bold step into the Web3 world through its collaboration with "Cards Ahoy!". This partnership not only showcases the ambition and continuous pursuit of product innovation by the team behind "Cards Ahoy!" but also signifies a seamless integration between Web3 and Web2 gaming, opening up unprecedented possibilities for the entire GameFi sector.

In this collaboration, "NARAKA's" popular character Viper Ning will be transformed into a mythical card in the world of "Cards Ahoy!", bringing a fresh gaming experience to "Cards Ahoy!" players and introducing "NARAKA's" fanbase to the new domain of Web3, creating a win-win situation for cross-border cooperation. To celebrate this collaboration, a special "Cards Ahoy!" × "NARAKA" mythic card giveaway event has been launched, with these limited edition mythic cards being distributed in the Giveaway section of the OKX Web3 wallet, further enhancing the gaming experience and asset value.

What's more exciting is that this collaboration is just the beginning. Officials have hinted that more globally renowned IPs will join the world of "Cards Ahoy!" in the future, laying a solid foundation for the game's long-term development and continuous updates. The "Cards Ahoy!" team, leveraging its vast resources, is committed to building a world filled with diverse cultural IPs, ensuring that each mythic card carries unique cultural value and stories. This deep exploration and innovative integration of well-known IPs will not only continuously enhance the global impact of "Cards Ahoy!" but also attract a broader audience of Web2 and Web3 players, boosting the potential purchasing power and trading activity of IP-related cards and game assets, and perpetually increasing the value of in-game mythic cards.

This collaboration between "Cards Ahoy!" and "NARAKA" sets an exemplary model for cooperation between Web3 games and traditional game IPs, marking an important step towards maturity in the Web3 gaming field. Through this innovative form of collaboration, not only can player engagement be increased, enhancing the playability and entertainment value of the game, but it also introduces a new cooperation model and operational strategy for the entire GameFi sector.

With the opening of reservations on March 15th, "Cards Ahoy!" is expected to further ignite market enthusiasm, bringing players a more enriched gaming experience and interactive activities. The game team is dedicated to continuously enhancing the game content and community ecosystem, including introducing more card options, new game modes, and engaging community events, as well as planning future Web3 IP collaboration initiatives. These efforts are aimed at developing "Cards Ahoy!" into a sustainable gaming platform that not only serves as a game but also as an innovative platform for exploring new gameplay and economic models. As a rising star in the Web3 gaming market, the future development and potential of "Cards Ahoy!" are highly anticipated by the industry and players alike.

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