Seoul, KR, Aug. 29, 2023, 01:01 am EST
Grundfos launches innovative range of end-suction pumps for South Korea's smart green cities

The NK and NKE range elevates end-suction pumps with improved energy efficiency, connectivity, and durability.

Grundfos unveils its latest NK and NKE series of end-suction pumps in Asia-Pacific, offering enhanced energy efficiency, connectivity, and durability. img#1
Grundfos unveils its latest NK and NKE series of end-suction pumps in Asia-Pacific, offering enhanced energy efficiency, connectivity, and durability.

Grundfos launches innovative range of end-suction pumps for South Korea's smart green cities

Amidst the rapid surge in the quest for ingenious solutions to craft urban landscapes that are more intertwined, robust, and eco-friendly, a significant stride has been taken by Grundfos. This global frontrunner in cutting-edge pump solutions and water technologies has just unveiled its latest marvel, the NK and NKE range, right in the heart of South Korea. These fresh long-coupled end-suction pumps are not just about pumping water; they're about redefining energy efficiency. The illustrious NKE range, a jewel in this launch, harnesses the prowess of smart technology to usher in an era of convenience, vigilance, and enhanced connectivity.

In a nation like South Korea, acutely aware of its susceptibility to the repercussions of climate fluctuations, the government's resolve to infuse sustainability into its urban tapestry stands resolute. Casting a keen eye on the built environment, where buildings contribute to a staggering 23 percent of the carbon footprint, the administration is embracing the principles of the Green New Deal. A holistic approach is underway, targeting the curtailment of emissions and the optimization of energy usage within structures. But that's not all; South Korea's visionary U-City projects, emblematic of smart cities, synergize with these initiatives. The core idea is to leverage smart technology to orchestrate an eco-friendlier urban expansion, with an emphasis on judiciously managing resources like energy and water.

Speaking of resource management, Grundfos' new NK and NKE range emerge as multifaceted heroes, stepping into diverse roles across myriad applications, from regulating temperatures in commercial edifices to performing a symphony of other vital tasks. It's not just a product launch; it's an augmentation of their robust portfolio of water solutions that tread lightly on the energy scale. With an eye on the horizon of efficiency, the NK and NKE range make an audacious claim – tomorrow's efficiency has been embraced today.

Unraveling this efficiency revolution, we find pumps that march to the cadence of industry-leading energy efficiency. They've donned the IE3 standard as their baseline attire, a move that significantly trims energy consumption and operational expenses, transcending existing regulatory benchmarks. And then, there's the pièce de résistance – the premium NKE range. It has ascended to the pinnacle of efficiency, donning the IE5 crown. This feat is realized through a medley of intelligent features: an integrated permanent magnet MGE motor with variable frequency drive and a built-in pressure sensor. These components dance in harmony, attuned to the ebb and flow of water pressure, orchestrating ideal conditions ceaselessly.

What's more enchanting is the innate elegance of the NKE solution. It's an all-inclusive package, sparing you the hassle of integrating external gadgets like controllers, frequency-converters, or sensors. By eradicating this complexity, Grundfos' NKE range not only elevates efficiency but also ensures a streamlined and cost-effective journey towards a water-efficient future.

Intelligent control and monitoring at your fingertips

Combining cloud connectivity and digitalisation, the NKE range also allows for remote monitoring and access over the system, enabling intelligent control right at your fingertips. This makes NKE compatible with today's building automation and building management systems.

Users can monitor, control, and schedule water use from their smartphone with the Grundfos GO REMOTE app, available for both iOS and Android operating systems. With the ability to manage tasks anytime when in range, NKE reduces the need for manpower, lowering operating costs.

Users can also easily access pump diagnostics, create, and email reports on-site from the app. This ensures any operational issues can be quickly addressed, reducing unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs, and ultimately extend the lifespan of their end-suction pumps.

Designed and built to last

In addition to their advanced efficiency and intelligent upgrades, the new NK and NKE range also include significant technical improvements to maximise reliability and durability, enabling the pumps to be installed, operated, and maintained more easily.

Notably, Grundfos utilised a single manufacturing process which eliminates misalignment, producing longer lasting seals and bearings. The pumps also boast improved hydraulics, which supports the overall efficiency in water flow conditions. The new pump design allows users to easily access the mechanical seal without the removal or disruption of other components. Other improvements include greater noise reduction and an increased temperature range.

Kenth Hvid Nielsen, Grundfos' Regional Managing Director, APAC, Commercial Buildings, said, "Climate change and demographic shifts in South Korea are key drivers for the need for smarter and more sustainable solutions to build more resilient future cities. As the first company in the water solutions sector to receive full validation of our 2050 net-zero target from the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi), we are proud to launch the new NK and NKE range, which not only contributes to the country's development of smart cities, but also aligns with Grundfos' climate commitments. With the new offering, we look forward to delivering more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective pump solutions with shorter lead times and locally supported services in South Korea."