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Hong Kong, HK, Aug. 17, 2023, 04:38 am EST
TECNO launches global debut of "Dynamic Port" on CAMON 20 Series

TECNO introduces Dynamic Port on CAMON 20, enhancing multi-tasking experience. The interactive function displays key information without distractions, improving user experience. Supports call, charging, and facial recognition status. More a

The innovative Dynamic Port provides non-distracting notifications for seamless multitasking. img#1
The innovative Dynamic Port provides non-distracting notifications for seamless multitasking.

TECNO launches global debut of "Dynamic Port" on CAMON 20 Series

TECNO today announced that its self-developed, self-designed Dynamic Port function will be launched globally on the latest generation CAMON 20 smartphone series from September, bringing outstanding new functionality to the "Steady Night Portrait Master" device. The Dynamic Port envelopes the front screen camera cut-out to create a convenient display bar that delivers key information in an intuitive manner. With a UI design that features a novel design language and dynamic effects, the innovative interactive function brings a new vitality to the device's camera cut-out, providing key information without distracting from other tasks on-screen.

Removing Disturbances to Improve the Multi-tasking Experience

The Dynamic Port function allows users to intuitively view important information regarding background tasks in a new dynamic information bar without switching screens. As a result, multi-tasking with the CAMON 20 Series is greatly enhanced, creating an improved and more fluid user experience. In addition to key information, some full-screen and pop-up notifications will also be integrated into the Dynamic Port in future to further enable uninterrupted operation.

The Dynamic Port will also be updated to support a range of apps to deliver notifications and status updates in future. At launch, the Dynamic Port will support three key usage functions: Call status; charging status; and facial recognition status.

An Efficient and Colorful Visual Design that Simplifies Information Delivery

In order to create a complete visual experience, TECNO has devoted great attention and efforts to the design of the Dynamic Port function. Ensuring the design complements TECNO's modern stylish design language, the port display adopts a blue, green, and white color scheme, with facial recognition status incorporating the brand's signature blue.

Besides the color scheme, the Dynamic Port also introduces a range of effects and animations to the UI to create more intuitive and effective communication of information. Transforming notifications of information such as charging status and facial recognition status into interesting animations adds to the impactful design and creates a deeper level of personalization within the device.

In addition, the layout of the Dynamic Port's interface further contributes to smoother interaction between user and device, with icons displayed on the left side of the camera cut-out, and information displayed on the right. As a result of the clear and concise appearance, information can be easily and quickly interpreted without users needing to divert their attention away from other tasks being performed on the device.

Constant Innovation to Upgrade the User Experience

The development of the new Dynamic Port powerfully underlines TECNO's commitment to the relentless pursuit of innovative technologies and stylish design. By constantly reimagining and reworking the way users interact with their smartphones, the brand continues to push the boundaries of technological empowerment with intelligent and imaginative designs that improve the user experience.

The Dynamic Port will first be launched through a push upgrade on the latest CAMON 20 Premier 5G at the end of August this year. Following this, the upgrade will be extended in succession to include all models in the CAMON 20 Series. The Dynamic Port will further complement the superior functionality of the latest CAMON 20 Series devices. The series is TECNO's newest generation launched in early 2023. With its breakthrough CAMON PUZZLE design and extraordinary ultra-stable portrait video and night portrait shooting capabilities, the series delivers a fashionable and powerful experience for stylish young people around the world.

TECNO continues to serve young, modern audiences by exploring and developing the latest and most cutting-edge innovations. TECNO enables young people around the world to pursue their best selves through creative and advanced technological breakthroughs, using powerful technologies to unlock a more exciting and empowered future.