New York, US, May. 18, 2023, 08:00 am EST
PreciTaste Hits New York & Chicago Kitchens With Latest Out-of-the-Box AI Kitchen Management Solutions

Deployments in DIG & Urbanbelly Make AI Accessible for More Restaurants

PreciTaste deployments of their Prep Assistant in Urbanbelly and DIG kitchens. img#1
PreciTaste deployments of their Prep Assistant in Urbanbelly and DIG kitchens.

PreciTaste Hits New York & Chicago Kitchens With Latest Out-of-the-Box AI Kitchen Management Solutions

PreciTasteĀ®, recent 2023 Kitchen Innovations Award winner and leader in restaurant AI, is proud to see success in their expansion into midsize QSRs and fast casuals with their plug-and-play Prep Assistant. The first of their current customers to share their experience with the Prep Assistant are New York-based DIG and Chicago-based Urbanbelly restaurants.

Launched earlier this year, PreciTaste's Prep Assistant is providing real results to combat today's rising labor and food cost challenges. It takes task management from clipboards to digital automation, accurately guiding each crew member on precisely how much to prep per daypart based on AI-generated demand predictions. Customers report that the solution saves managers and crew members over an hour per day from the first day of installation and reduces food waste by up to 20% - leading to up to a 5% food cost saving overall, both of which increase profitability.

"DIG's main priorities are creating the freshest dishes and best experiences for our guests and our kitchen teams. With the Prep Assistant, our managers can focus more on cooking delicious food and training our chefs, and less on how much to prep as tasks are organized more efficiently and accurately," says Tracy Kim, CEO of DIG, a restaurant group that serves scratch-cooked American fare.

Chef Bill Kim, Urbanbelly Founder and Chef-Partner at Cornerstone Restaurant Group, is seeing similar results. He says, "We are thrilled to partner with PreciTaste to integrate the Prep Assistant into the daily operations at Urbanbelly. Prep Assistant AI technology provides the tools to empower our staff and operators to optimize resources and run our business most effectively. Utilizing AI is a massive benefit to the restaurant industry to create efficient workflows and allow increased managerial bandwidth to focus on growth and development."

As PreciTaste continues expanding their offerings to more midsize restaurants, its team of 80+ engineers just released a first-of-its-kind proprietary ChatGPT-like customer extension - the Chat Assistant. This software-based restaurant management solution provides a wealth of operations data from all connected stores in real time. With generative AI and Large Language Models (LLM), all operations data becomes accessible to provide instant intelligent insights and calculations around operational KPIs.

PreciTaste Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Ingo Stork, says, "PreciTaste's Chat Assistant provides countless opportunities to put data to work in creative ways tailored to our operators' needs. PreciTaste takes what has excited many about their recent ChatGPT experiences and tailors it specifically to restaurant operations. It's great to see customers asking our Chat Assistant what new menu items they can introduce based on available ingredients and interacting with the sales forecasts generated by our AI."

Beyond the Prep Assistant, PreciTaste's plug-and-play product, the Planner Assistant, is starting installments in other midsize restaurants. The Planner Assistant uses quantity forecasts to produce an automated production schedule to guide crews to make the right quantity at the right time. Once the Prep and/or Planner Assistants are installed, restaurants can evolve their solutions into the Station Assistant - a full-cycle AI management system that incorporates vision sensing for even greater automation.

With nearly 2,500 food AI systems deployed in the past two years, PreciTaste is a market-proven platform that now offers AI accessibility for restaurants of many sizes and offerings. Now that they've seen the impact on their bottom line, Urbanbelly and DIG plan to expand their AI capabilities to continue to increase labor efficiency and their level of customer service in the coming months.

Developed by engineers trained at TUM, MIT, IIT, NASA, and other leading institutions, PreciTasteĀ® is an in-store restaurant AI software platform. PreciTaste is fast-tracking deployments of its proprietary AI kitchen management software suite protected by 40+ patents, which optimizes operations, rapidly driving productivity and profit. It works on Edge Devices, is Cloud and Internet-independent, and is data privacy compliant. PreciTaste's recent growth funding is led by Melitas Ventures and Cleveland Avenue and includes Enlightened Hospitality Investments (EHI), and Monogram Capital Partners. PreciTaste is powered by Intel Solutions leveraging OpenVINO and is a partner of Franke Foodservice Systems, Inc., a leader in kitchen and equipment improvement campaigns. Follow PreciTaste on LinkedIn.