Magic Eden
San Francisco, ES, Mar. 22, 2023, 12:00 pm EST
Magic Eden Presents Magic Eden Games, Leading Hub for Web3 Games

Magic Eden Games helps game studios reach new players and open up significant revenue opportunities

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Magic Eden Games

Magic Eden Presents Magic Eden Games, Leading Hub for Web3 Games

Magic Eden ("The Company"), the leading cross-chain NFT platform, today launched Magic Eden Games, a destination for web3 game developers to grow their player bases and communities. Magic Eden Games provides a home for web3 games developers to help players discover the best web3 enabled games, remain updated on the latest gaming news and developments, and expand web3 gaming communities all in a single location while getting rewarded for their engagement.

The gaming industry has been growing tremendously, with revenue projected to reach $365.60 billion in 2023 [source]. In recent months, Magic Eden Games has played an integral part in supporting both web3 native games, as well as traditional games entering the web3 space, including leading titles like Shrapnel, Wildcard, Planet Mojo, and Azra (The Hopeful). Its recent Mint Madness campaign is helping to bring a dozen game developers' projects to market and has led tens of thousands of new social media followers for the games participating in the promotion.

Magic Eden Chief Gaming Officer, Chris Akhavan, commented on today's news: "Magic Eden Games continues to drive growth for leading web3 games studios. Game developers leverage our platform to acquire new player communities, share game updates, document their game's milestones, and tap into significant revenue opportunities through the best marketplace experience in all of web3. We look forward to continuing to fuel the growth of the entire web3 gaming ecosystem."

When partnering with Magic Eden Games, each title will receive its own "explore game" page that will feature a game description, studio description, videos and other media, and a curated game-specific NFT marketplace. Studios can also generate revenue through minting collections on the Magic Eden Launchpad and on the secondary marketplace where creator royalties are enforced on all chains.

As part of the Company's push into the web3 gaming space, Magic Eden recently announced the launch of Mint Madness, where over a dozen NFTs associated with web3 games projects will be minting for free on Polygon, Solana, and Ethereum. The full list of games available during Mint Madness include, Planet Mojo, Meta Star Strikers, Alaska Gold Rush, Shrapnel, Petobots, Blast Royale, Rogue Nation, Tearing Spaces, and Freckle Trivia on Polygon, Realm Hunter, Legendary: Heroes Unchained, and Shrapnel on Ethereum, and Papu Superstars on Solana. Additional mints are under consideration.

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