Bracket Labs
Salt Lake City, US, Feb. 08, 2023, 08:33 am EST
Bracket Labs Launches New Products - Epoch and Channel

A First for On-Chain Derivatives that Profits in All Volatility Conditions

Bracket Labs Launches New Products - Epoch and Channel img#1
Bracket Labs Launches New Products - Epoch and Channel

Bracket Labs Launches New Products - Epoch and Channel

Bracket Labs ("Bracket" or the "company") launched two new products, Epoch and Channel, on their platform to help DeFi traders profit in all volatility conditions.

Currently in Binance Lab's Season 5 incubator, Bracket Labs is a new startup that creates leveraged structured products for DeFi. Founded by crypto and fintech veterans from firms like Consensys, Bloomberg, Barclays, D.E. Shaw, the firm simplifies the buying experience for complex derivatives / options strategies into a one-click purchase and makes it available on-chain. Its innovation on percentage-based pricing, time-based claims and custom expiries eliminates the need for margin accounts and other complicated set-ups.

Currently, DeFi is only solving the market need a minority of the time, when volatility is high. Up until now, there haven't been any products designed for the default state of the market, low volatility. Channel is a new product that was designed for and profits in low volatility or sideways markets. Channels profit from the spot price of an asset staying within a fixed price range for a duration of time. It delivers a great user experience with custom expiries such as 24-hours, 3-day and 10-day, as well as fixed potential payoffs like 3x, 6x, and 10x. These features make Channel accessible to even the newest DeFi users.

Epoch is a periodic buying version of Channel that pits the "stay in" vs "break out" investor, gamifying the experience. Epochs let traders make profit in sideways markets and run consecutively with pricing based on an exponential weighted moving average instead of dedicated market markers or funders.

"We wanted to make products that were accessible and worked in all market conditions. DeFi can be inhospitable to new or even experienced users who are just delving into derivatives. Bracket Labs' two new products remove a lot of the friction from setting up strategies and help users make profit in any market condition." - Michael Wasyl, Co-founder.

Bracket Labs adds Channel and Epoch to its existing lineup on, which includes Bracket, a leveraged structured product for high volatility that launched on Arbitrum One Mainnet in November 2022. Epoch and Channel are available on on Arbitrum One mainnet on February 2023.