Singapore, SG, Jan. 19, 2023, 07:00 am EST
Storepay Token ($SPCFIN) Announces Official Listing on AscendEx

Helping Users Navigate Uncertain Economic Environments

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Storepay New Listing on AscendEX

Storepay Token ($SPCFIN) Announces Official Listing on AscendEx

Storepay is pleased to announce that as of December 28th, their native currency $SPCFIN has been officially listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange AscendEx. Trading of the $SPCFIN token on AscendEX is now available.

Recently listed on the LBank Exchange, the $SPCFIN Token is expanding its utility. The native token of Storepay, $SPCFIN, can be used to purchase goods through the Storepay app. Users receive 1% of what they spend in $SPCFIN tokens directly into their account and can deposit $SPCFIN to increase their Storepay credit limit and stake the tokens to earn rewards. $SPCFIN can also be used as an alternative credit scoring system and collateral substitute.

With over 300k active users and more than 2000 merchant partners, Storepay was born from the belief that everyone deserves the best quality of life without worrying about how it may impact their credit. The app uses a unique combination of Fintech, Crypto, and Blockchain technologies to provide consumers and businesses with an interest-free BNPL service and is an ethical alternative to traditional credit.