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New York, US, Jan. 03, 2023, 11:22 am EST
A Front Row Seat to the Rise of Blockchain

"The Future Economy" by Brandon Zemp is released with Forbes BooksThis release is posted on behalf of Forbes Books (operated by Advantage Media Group under license).

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Brandon Zemp Releases The Future Economy with Forbes Books

A Front Row Seat to the Rise of Blockchain

The Future Economy: A Crypto Insider's Guide to the Tech Dismantling Traditional Banking, by BlockHash, LLC CEO and Founder Brandon Zemp is now available. The book is published with Forbes Books, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes, and is available on Amazon today.

While most people have heard of the word "blockchain," few truly understand its broader implications. With The Future Economy, Brandon Zemp attempts to close this knowledge gap by taking readers on a deep dive into the crypto space, cutting past the hype to reveal the technology's potential for real-world improvements to human life and society.

In recent years, blockchain has made headlines for creating millionaires, but Zemp is determined to show that it's more than just a catalyst for personal wealth. According to Zemp, blockchain is meant to challenge the centralized banking systems that are desperately in need of reform. It is designed to take power away from the state-sanctioned currencies and big banks to elevate the individual.

After a comprehensive examination of crypto, its potential, and emerging Bitcoin alternatives like Ethereum and Solana, The Future Economy offers guidance for those who want to participate in this budding movement. Zemp's ultimate conclusion is that the 21st century belongs to blockchain and the time is now for people to harness its momentum.

"Whether you are an investor looking to diversify your portfolio, an entrepreneur aiming to streamline logistics and increase net profits, or a student keen to get in on the ground floor of this emerging technology—crypto is going to be an integral part of the path forward," Zemp said. "This book will take you through the past, the present, and, most importantly, the future of this space."

About Brandon Zemp

Brandon Zemp is an entrepreneur, investor, trader, and host of the popular BlockHash podcast. He graduated from Pitzer College in 2017 with a B.A. in neuroscience before founding BlockHash, LLC, a consulting, coaching, and education company. Zemp is also head of Blocolombia, a Colombia-based crypto consultancy in Latin America. He resides in Medellín, Colombia, and enjoys sports, playing chess, and reading.