Singapore, SG, Nov. 17, 2022, 06:31 am EST
DAPPOS Partners With Perpetual Protocol To Bring Web3 Operating Protocol to DEX

Trading competition announced to demonstrate faster transactions with fewer steps

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DAPPOS & Perpetual Protocol

DAPPOS Partners With Perpetual Protocol To Bring Web3 Operating Protocol to DEX

DAPPOS announced today that it has partnered with Perpetual Protocol to integrate its Web3 operating protocol with the DEX, lowering barriers to entry for investors to access Perpetual's decentralized and permissionless futures trading, thereby accelerating the trading community's growth and volume.

Perpetual Protocol is an on-chain perpetual futures DEX with deep liquidity and builder-ready composability. With a unique multi-collateral feature currently supporting USDC, ETH, and OP to be used as margin, it allows both long and short positions on a wide variety of crypto-assets with up to 10x leverage.

DAPPOS improves Web3 experience by making dApps as user-friendly as mobile apps, overcoming typical barriers for average users such as Web3 wallet setup, gas token purchase and bridge tokens from one blockchain to another.

DAPPOS is now fully enabled with Perpetual Protocol on Ethereum Layer 2 Optimism, an optimistic rollup scaling solution. The integration allows users from other chains like BSC to jumpstart trading on Perpetual without complicated workflow, and through an interface they are familiar with. As a result, DAPPOS' solution will guarantee a much simplified experience with uncompromising security.

The two parties will jointly launch a pilot version of the product and hold a trading competition to encourage early adoption, offering a total prize pool of 25,000 USDT. The competition will demonstrate DAPPOS's innovations for reducing the typical multi-step requirements of most dApps to the one-click options that Web2 users are accustomed to, kicking off its vision is to promote Web3 users from millions to billions.

To learn more about the planned trading competition, follow @Dappos_com on Twitter and be among the first to participate.