Bellevue, US, Nov. 16, 2022, 08:04 am EST
Mobilize.Net Announces PySpark (Spark Python) to Snowpark Code Conversion Tool

SnowConvert for PySpark automatically converts PySpark code to Snowpark.

Mobilize.Net SnowConvert for PySpark img#1
Mobilize.Net SnowConvert for PySpark

Mobilize.Net Announces PySpark (Spark Python) to Snowpark Code Conversion Tool

Today Mobilize.Net announced SnowConvert for PySpark Code Conversion Tool. This tool automatically converts Spark workloads written in Python to Snowpark and greatly reduces the time, cost, and risk to migration from Spark to Snowflake using Snowpark. More information on SnowConvert for PySpark can be found at

SnowConvert for PySpark Technical Specifications

The migration experts at Mobilize.Net are available to transfer Apache Spark Python code (and any proprietary scripts) over to Snowflake. Specifically:

  • Python functions utilizing the Spark API are converted to an equivalent that works inside of Snowflake utilizing the Snowpark API
  • Spark SQL functions converted to UDF's in Snowflake SQL as either:
    • JavaScript embedded in Snowflake SQL
    • Snowflake Scripting

Note that the source to target code pairs were developed in partnership with Snowflake Professional Services and are continuously refined. Read more about Snowflake's take on using SnowConvert for PySpark for assessment on their blog.