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Toronto, CA, Nov. 15, 2022, 08:00 am EST
AI Stock and Crypto Prediction Software, SoFii, BETA Goes Live

Predicting the markets with over 90% accuracy, SoFii is a trader's new best friend!

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AI Stock and Crypto Prediction Software, SoFii, BETA Goes Live

SoFii, a product of STKTechAI a tech company out of Ontario, Canada, is predicting the stock market at a rate of success that even Warren Buffett would have to be impressed by.

Most of us are aware, that analytics is an essential part of stock/crypto trading, with the accuracy of the decisions made from the analysis being the difference between planning our next vacation or looking for overtime hours at work.

SoFii, highly advanced AI trading software, can assist with the analytics through researching the world markets and producing accurate trade suggestions which come daily through an in-depth analysis of the world markets, world news and other resources.

Watching the world change in front of us, we all know AI as a part of our everyday life is inevitable. One person in particular believes we are doomed without AI, as Elon Musk has been quoted as saying "Artificial intelligence is the only hope for all civilization to survive."

Perhaps Mr. Musk was hinting at AI that can give the average person a chance at making some profitable investments. Having AI that is profound in stock trading predictions, could be just the thing that Mr. Musk was talking about without even knowing it. Even if he wasn't, SoFii, could be the saving grace.

Creator of SoFii, Parth Agnani has a vision for SoFii and has this to say about his breakthrough technology, "SoFii is cutting edge and will become a product that will be a viral one around the world for many years to come. A research assistant that doesn't need sleep is a valuable thing. Having one that produces stock and crypto selections with +90% accuracy is priceless."

So, how can SoFii help you? Well as the self-proclaimed worlds greatest stock/crypto research assistant, it can be used to help suggest whether you should buy, sell or short stocks you choose to trade as well as ones SoFii recommends. Yes, this certainly sounds like a top-notch research assistant, one that views the world through a crystal ball. SoFii is ready, are YOU?

For more information on STKTechAI and SoFii please go to www.STKTechAI/TradeNow