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San Francisco, US, Nov. 10, 2022, 08:47 am EST
Aleo Appoints Alex Pruden as Chief Executive Officer

Aleo, the first ZK-Enabled L1 for Web3 developers to build, deploy, and execute decentralized private applications at scale, has named Alex Pruden as CEO

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Aleo Appoints Alex Pruden as Chief Executive Officer

Aleo Appoints Alex Pruden as Chief Executive Officer

Aleo, the first Layer-1 (L1) for decentralized private applications, today announces the appointment of Alex Pruden to Chief Executive Officer. Alex previously served as Chief Operating Officer at Aleo before assuming the CEO title from Aleo Co-Founder, Howard Wu. Mr. Wu will be shifting his role to Chief Technology Officer.

Before joining Aleo, Alex Pruden was a Deal Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Research Analyst at GGV Capital and as a US Army Green Beret. His leadership experience serving overseas combined with his deep technical expertise as a blockchain investor and analyst provide the ideal skill set foundation to scale Aleo into the Layer 1 needed to build the future of decentralized, private applications.

"I'm extremely proud to lead the world-class team at Aleo. What we've been able to build so far is extremely exciting and brings an entirely new vision to highly-scalable blockchain technology with privacy built in from the ground up," said Alex Pruden, CEO of Aleo. "Privacy is fundamental to a wide range of applications, and over the coming months I'm looking forward to leading this incredible and fast-growing team to finally realize the potential of blockchains."

"Alex is exactly the right person to lead Aleo into the future. He's a proven expert in the space with some of the greatest leadership skills I've seen," said Howard Wu, Aleo Co-Founder and CTO. "Together, we've assembled a truly stunning team and I'm very excited for us to be bringing zero-knowledge technology to life with Aleo."

Aleo takes Layer 1s into the future by being the first blockchain to enable totally private applications. By leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, both the content of transactions as well as their senders and receivers remain fully encrypted even as they're verified and added to the blockchain. Aleo is the solution for the future of the decentralized internet that enables applications to offer users the privacy they demand and deserve.

Alex takes the helm as Aleo readies for mainnet launch with its third testnet underway. This testnet sees the debut of Aleo's proof of stake consensus and novel decentralized prover layer. Builders, provers, and validators are invited to participate and can learn more at