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Charleston, US, Nov. 02, 2022, 08:34 am EST
Black Ink Tech Transforms the Construction Industry with Blockchain Technology

SiteSUPER, a patented hardware and software technology, uses blockchain solutions to make the construction industry safer

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Black Ink Tech Transforms the Construction Industry with Blockchain Technology

Today Black Ink Technologies Corp., an integrated hardware and software company providing end-to-end zero trust immutable solutions for products and services, announced that the company has been awarded five different patents for technologies that are making the construction industry safer.

Traditionally, construction has been seen as unsafe and slow to digitally transform. By embracing and applying blockchain technology, Black Ink Tech has created hardware and software systems that streamline the management of projects from beginning to end to create additional project ease and security.

The awarded patents allow SiteSUPER, a technology operating on the Black Ink Tech platform, to work together to expedite everyday construction processes, reduce fraud and drive maximum project efficiencies.

SiteSUPER's software takes in data from all that goes in and out of a project and job site and stores the data on the blockchain. This allows SiteSUPER to pair non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with real-world assets, creating an immutable record that can confirm compliance before a product is installed, providing transparency and making sure that building codes are adhered to.

What's more, these immutable tokens also capture the weather conditions during product installations, verifications of who conducted the installation, a record of the unique identifier for the products installed and when the installation occurred, ensuring warranty conformity and compliance. And, confirmed biometric identification, along with license association, creating an indisputable record of who was working, where they were working, when they were working and what they were working on.

While licenses, products used and insurance are common targets for fraud or misrepresentation, these unchangeable records ensure that the correct materials were installed by the correct licensed contractor, and a warranty can be issued for the right product, and that those claiming to have worked on a project did, in fact, do so.

Included below is the list of awarded patents allowing SiteSUPER and Black Ink Tech to create an unchangeable record of events on a construction site:

  • Use of blockchain-based distributed ledger and smart contracts for a construction project
  • Use of blockchain-based distributed ledger to reference construction metadata and to use smart contracts for a construction project
  • System for management and verification of code compliance
  • System for management of warranty information for projects and materials
  • Digital asset systems for management of projects and materials

"If you've spent time around a construction site, you know that the work can be delayed, unsafe and logistically challenging. Often, the reason for this is that the construction industry has been slow to embrace emerging technologies that could help to improve upon the many systems and processes needed to bring a project to life," said Jeremy Blackburn, CEO of Black Ink Tech. "But these patents are symbolic of the possibilities of blockchain and how it can be used to improve upon an industry that is poised to embrace its own digital transformation."

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