New York, US, Oct. 20, 2022, 08:38 am EST
OwnID Chosen as Best Passwordless Technology at 2022 CISO Choice Awards

The innovative startup has been selected as the winner in the Passwordless technology category. The CISOs Connect 2022 CISO Choice Awards featured notable CISOs across multiple industries.

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OwnID Chosen as Best Passwordless Technology at 2022 CISO Choice Awards

OwnID, the Tel Aviv based start-up on a mission to bring seamless passwordless authentication for all, announced as the winner in the 2022 CISO Choice Award Passwordless Technology category. As passwordless authentication became a hot topic with the recent Apple and Google releases for iOS 16 and Chrome, OwnID's technology allows any website to easily add passwordless authentication to existing login and registration forms, without the hassle of a lengthy implementation process.

"We are very excited to see the recognition our technology receives from peers across different industries. Our mission is to help provide exceptional service and personalized experiences that pave the way for long-term relationships between businesses and their customers. We are doing that by revolutionizing the login and sign up experiences and making our technology accessible to everyone" said Dor Shany, OwnID's CEO.

OwnID's passwordless authentication technology is being used by many small and large enterprises, resulting in over 1 million users per month who already register and login seamlessly without passwords. Among the top brands that integrated OwnID's technology are Nestle, Kenwood, Carnival Cruise Line, Nescafe, Bayer and Delonghi.

The CISO Choice Awards are a differentiated program based on the real-world experiences and perspectives of end-user executives, with clear criteria and a known and transparent Board of CISO Judges. Part of Security Current's exclusive CISOs Connect membership knowledge-sharing community, the CISO Choice Awards recipients are selected by the board who have first-hand knowhow and insights from building and maintaining their own programs.

"I would like to congratulate OwnID for winning the 2022 CISO Choice Awards Passwordless Technology Category. It was a very competitive field this year and my peers, our esteemed CISO Board of Judges, were impressed by the innovation they saw in the solution providers that endeavor to help safeguard our organizations," said David Cass, CISOs Connect and Security Current President, and Global CISO at GSR.io."

Try OwnID's passwordless authentication technology: https://www.ownid.com