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ShapeShift DAO
Denver, US, Oct. 20, 2022, 12:01 am EST
ShapeShift Releases New Open Source Mobile App and Migrates Legacy Users

Significant milestones are achieved in the journey to complete decentralization for the ShapeShift community and app as ShapeShift sunsets and migrates their users to the new open source, decentralized web and mobile app

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ShapeShift Releases New Open Source Mobile App and Migrates Legacy Users

ShapeShift DAO, a decentralized, non-custodial cryptocurrency platform and community, announced today the migration of native web users to a decentralized version of the app they have enjoyed for years combined with the release of a new mobile app一allowing everyone to experience a truly authentic DeFi universe from any platform anywhere in the world. As a free, community-owned application, ShapeShift's mission is to provide its users with a single, unified platform aggregating all wallets, all chains, and all protocols. The new mobile app support combined with the user migration from greatly expands the flexibility, mobility and features users have access to when interacting with the decentralized world while continuing to provide an easy-to-use crypto interface.

Following their transition to a DAO in July last year , ShapeShift has been busy building a new, open source and inclusive way to interface with the decentralized universe; including more options for buying , trading , investing and managing assets. With this organizational shift to a DAO, users' personal data has been scheduled to be permanently erased as ShapeShift winds down its centralized infrastructure and moves users over to the new open source web and mobile app. To retain access to their ShapeShift native wallet, users must back up their 12-word secret recovery phrase with these easy-to-follow instructions as Shapeshift migrates to a truly decentralized DeFi experience.

"This is a huge milestone in ShapeShift's journey to complete decentralization," said Willy Ogorzaly, Head of Decentralization for the Fox Foundation . "In addition to the numerous improvements and new features, the new mobile app is fully open source and the only backend is blockchain data一which we are actively working to decentralize with FOXChain . ShapeShift DAO is dedicated to building the best interface to the decentralized universe, and with new wallets, chains, and protocols being added each week, the vision is coming together. However, for this vision to fully come to fruition, the interface can't just exist on the web; it must be available on mobile too."

Springing off the momentum of recent chain and protocol integrations such as Avalanche and THORChain , the ShapeShift app is quickly becoming the easiest way to interact with all facets of the Web3 ecosystem. The open source platform's unique ability to aggregate DApps and protocols while packaging it into both a sleek mobile and web experience gives users the best access to a cornucopia of DeFi protocols and Web3 primitives一whether on the go or in their home.

The new mobile app currently supports ShapeShift Native wallet and WalletConnect—with MetaMask, Portis and other wallet support following to mobile soon after launch. In the meantime, users can access the web app if they wish to connect via one of their many existing supported wallets .