eufy Security
Bellevue, US, Sep. 29, 2022, 07:02 pm EST
Eufy security ushers in a new era of smart home security - powered at the edge by ai machine learning

New system includes HomeBase 3 data hub, two eufyCam 3 cameras with 4K resolution and solar power, free local storage, machine-learning A.I. with 99% accurate recognition and automatic analysis of video and events directly from the enhanced eufy Secu

Eufy security ushers in a new era of smart home security - powered at the edge by ai machine learning img#1

Eufy security ushers in a new era of smart home security - powered at the edge by ai machine learning

eufy Security, Anker Innovations' smart security brand, today launches its new Edge Security System, the world's smartest, most accurate and most connected home security solution.

The Edge Security System is managed by the new HomeBase 3, which leverages eufy Security's proprietary BionicMind™, a self-learning A.I. that will over time deliver 99% accuracy in recognizing different people, as well as detecting pets and objects. It will then take that video data and automatically curate and catalogue it utilizing HomeBase 3's free local storage. All of the data can be accessed anytime, anywhere from the eufy Security app.

"When we launched our first eufyCam in 2018, which included free local, encrypted storage, we made a commitment to protect our customers' homes, as well as their privacy," said Frank Zhu, eufy Security General Manager. "Most current home security systems are digital video recorders triggered by motion, creating a constant stream of false alerts and massive amounts of wasted video data. Our new Edge Security System solves both issues while keeping our commitment to customer privacy and value intact. Our customers pay no subscription fees for storing or accessing their data."

Smarter and More Accurate Monitoring

As the brain of Edge Security System, HomeBase 3 works with the BionicMind A.I. machine-learning technology to recognize familiar faces, human shapes, body position, different types of objects and even human behavior. With BionicMind, every time someone passes through the camera's field-of-view, their face, body, and movements are sent to HomeBase 3. The more information the new data hub receives, the more precise its analysis will become up to 99% accuracy. The HomeBase 3 uses edge computing technology which analyzes user data in the device itself, not the cloud. This creates a more efficient user experience where the homeowner has complete control over who can access their video footage.

BionicMind's facial recognition capabilities help users automatically capture and classify past video footage by family members, friends or other frequent visitors. HomeBase 3, BionicMind and the mobile app also work together to identify and instantly notify users of strangers or intruders who have been spotted near their home/property.Automated Curation of Video Content and Events

In addition, the eufy Security app has been upgraded to allow users to manage all of their notifications and devices on one interface and take advantage of the HomeBase 3's BionicMind technology to instantly catalog and organize footage. The user follows these steps to start the data curation process:

  • Open the eufy Security mobile app and upload images of family, friends and other frequent visitors
  • Assign names and relationships to each of the images
  • Open the Settings icon to decide which familiar faces require notifications and which faces to ignore

Supports Up To 16 TB in Expandable Memory

HomeBase 3 comes with 16GB of free, 256-bit encrypted local storage. The data hub can support up to 16 TB of additional memory using an external hard drive (not included in the Edge Security System) for up to 60 years of local video storage without the need to clear space.

Compatible With an Ever-growing Ecosystem of Devices

At launch, HomeBase 3 will come bundled with two of the new eufyCam 3 security cameras. eufyCam 3 is designed with 4K ultra-HD resolution and includes night vision, two-way audio, built-in spotlight and a 13,400 mAh battery with an integrated solar panel for non-stop power.

eufy's new Edge Security System will eventually be compatible with several other eufy Security devices including Video Smart Lock, Video Doorbell Dual and Floodlight Cam 2 Pro. A complete list of devices that are currently compatible with HomeBase 3 and other devices that will work with the data hub in the future can be found at

Pricing and Availability

  • The Edge Security System bundle of the HomeBase 3 and two eufyCam 3 cameras will be available in the U.S., UK and Germany starting today on
    • U.S. Only - Available on and starting today for $549.99.

    • UK & Germany - Available on starting September 30 for £499 and €549, respectively.

    • Australia - Available on and starting September 30.