Framingham, US, Sep. 21, 2022, 12:40 am EST
NFT Backup Service from ClubNFT Now Available on KnownOrigin Marketplace

New integration partnership with ClubNFT enables KnownOrigin users to easily download a backup of their NFTs to ensure safety and longevity of their collections

NFT Backup Service from ClubNFT Now Available on KnownOrigin Marketplace

ClubNFT, a company building next-generation tools and services to discover, protect, and share NFTs, and NFT marketplace KnownOrigin today announced an integration partnership enabling all users of KnownOrigin to quickly and easily download a backup of their NFTs to their own computer, ensuring the safety and longevity of their collections no matter what may happen in the future.

Founded by Artnome's Jason Bailey and Chris King in 2021, ClubNFT's mission is to help protect artists and collectors from marketplace dependency for the safety and preservation of their NFTs, educate anyone interested in the space, and help collectors make good decisions about what to buy next, where, and why.

Founded by Andy Gray, David Moore and James Morgan in 2018, KnownOrigin is a marketplace to discover, buy and collect digital artwork & rare NFTs. The company was acquired by eBay in June of this year.

"NFT token longevity and technical quality is a problem which is not only often overlooked but often totally ignored. Building NFTs which last decades into the future is key to the success of the industry. We care deeply about the safety and longevity of our users' NFTs, which is why we follow Web3 best practices and have invested heavily in building a safe storage infrastructure, utilizing multiple IPFS providers. We're pleased to be working with companies like ClubNFT to help build tools and awareness around such crucial and important topics," said James Morgan, CTO at KnownOrigin.

At, users will find a ClubNFT button for one-click access to quickly and easily obtain a backup. The service is free, trustless, and requires no wallet connection or transaction signing.

"Not all NFTs are stored equally, and we applaud KnownOrigin for its thoughtful, savvy use of IPFS rather than private servers for NFT artwork," said Jason Bailey, co-founder of ClubNFT. "Through our partnership, KnownOrigin is providing unprecedented assurance for its users and enabling them to control the destinies of their IPFS-based NFTs."

Independent research, verified by ClubNFT's own investigation, has shown that approximately half of Ethereum-based NFTs are stored on IPFS - including all of KnownOrigin's NFTs. The other half are stored on privately-owned web servers. ClubNFT's backup helps ensure the safety and longevity of the NFT's stored on IPFS, while those stored on private servers are impossible to protect.

Beyond the backup itself, ClubNFT will provide KnownOrigin users a number of insights into their collections:

  • Which NFTs in their collection were minted following best-practices, using IPFS for off-chain content, and which were not
  • Which marketplaces consistently follow these best practices, like KnownOrigin, and which do not
  • A number of technical insights of interest to conscientious collectors

ClubNFT launched its backup tool at NFT NYC in June of 2022 and has backed up just under 5K collections, 1M NFTs, and 1.6M IPFS files.