New York, US, Sep. 21, 2022, 02:09 am EST
LeapXpert and OpenFin Partner to Increase Enterprise Productivity & Communication

Partnership adds integrated compliant messaging solution to OpenFin's ecosystem, including 3,800 financial institutions in 60 countries

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LeapXpert and OpenFin Partner to Increase Enterprise Productivity & Communication

LeapXpert, the enterprise-grade responsible business communication platform and OpenFin, the operating system (OS) of enterprise productivity, today announced a strategic partnership to enhance enterprise productivity and communication. The integration of LeapXpert's Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform into OpenFin OS, a web-based OS, will enable traders and other enterprise employees to retrieve critical information sent through messaging applications without ever leaving their primary workspace or interrupting their workflow.

Used by 90% of the world's global financial institutions, OpenFin OS includes components for complex windowing, advanced search, actionable notifications, and application discovery that combine to simplify app distribution, unify the digital workspace, and enable seamless communication and workflow between apps. LeapXpert's platform enables users to communicate with external parties through popular consumer messaging apps, including WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, Telegram, WeChat, Signal, and LINE, from one unified environment, while creating an accessible digital record that helps companies stay compliant with record-keeping regulations.

The new integration of the LeapXpert app Leap Work™ into OpenFin OS will address the communication needs of traders in one place and increase their productivity by removing the need to toggle between business and personal communications apps.

Increasingly, enterprise employees find themselves turning to multiple communication channels, including various messaging apps (installed on personal or enterprise devices) to communicate with clients, counterparties, and colleagues. Toggling between devices and apps to address messages or search for critical data within threads in various channels is time consuming, inconvenient, and often disrupts the workday and ability to complete tasks or execute trades in a timely manner.

"Where business communications stretch beyond the desktop, LeapXpert has built a novel enterprise solution which not only brings mobile and web messaging to the desktop, but also meets essential compliance requirements," said Vicky Sanders, Chief Digital Officer, OpenFin. "We're delighted to be including an innovative firm like LeapXpert, who is already working with Tier 1 Banks and tens of thousands of enterprise users in 45 countries, in our ecosystem."

"Our strategic partnership with OpenFin will surely transform how financial institutions communicate and work," said Avi Pardo, Co-founder and CRO of LeapXpert. "The combination of our unified communication platform and OpenFin's incredible installed customer base will offer improved productivity for the 3,800 financial institutions, including banks, asset managers, and hedge funds, already using OpenFin in more than 60 countries."

Key features of the integration include:

  • Customized messaging notifications and desktop alerts within the Openfin platform
  • Easily preview message content within actionable notifications Search for information from critical messages and client contacts
  • Interoperability-ready for seamless workflows