Seoul, KR, Sep. 19, 2022, 07:30 pm EST
'WADE F&F' price shoots up 150-fold, demonstrating power of CRIPCO's next set of NFTs through strategic partnerships

Global community responds enthusiastically to CRIPCO's first NFT project, WADE Friends & Family, which sold out of all 2,100 units within hours of release. Floor price rose 150-fold and ranked 1 in 24-hour trading volume, demonstrating the project&#39

'WADE F&F' price shoots up 150-fold, demonstrating power of CRIPCO's next set of NFTs through strategic partnerships img#1

'WADE F&F' price shoots up 150-fold, demonstrating power of CRIPCO's next set of NFTs through strategic partnerships

Global blockchain NFT company CRIPCO has successfully minted its first NFT project 'WADE Friends & Family' (WADE F&F), which has generated a tremendous response from the global NFT community. The company's second project with IPX and upcoming partnership with global fashion labels are now raising expectations for CRIPCO's next IP 3.0 business.

CRIPCO's 'WADE F&F' NFT sold all of the minted 2,100 NFTs on the day of launch through Magic Eden's Launchpad on Sep. 15. A social media shoutout by SOLANA's co-founders and the announcement of the WADE X PEACEMINUSONE partnership increased the project's popularity ahead of minting; a whitelist competition on the Discord community recorded a whopping 280:1 ratio, and the provision of whitelist spots for IP3 token holders listed on FTX also received enthusiastic responses from users.

Due to competitive minting, the project sold out almost instantly and ranked first in 24-hour trading volume on OpenSea(Solana NFT) and first on Magic Eden marketplace. In particular, the secondary market floor price reached over 75 SOL, a 150-fold increase over the minting price of 0.5 SOL, demonstrating a potential for growth as a blue chip NFT. The membership NFT uses the virtual artist WADE's IP created by IPX (formerly LINE FRIENDS) and KB LEE, and offers not only the charm of IP, but also competitiveness and a range of exclusive holder benefits, including fashion brand raffles in collaboration with CRIPCO DAO members.

'WADE F&F' holders, who have become friends and family of the virtual IP WADE, will own Web3 membership passes, and will benefit from CRIPCO's diverse portfolio of IP assets and partnerships with its DAO members made up of global brands and creators. WADE PFP, which is scheduled to release later this year, will provide a 1:1 airdrop, a whitelist of upcoming projects, and guaranteed raffle tickets to extremely rare and limited fashion collaboration NFT projects.

CRIPCO set the minting price of 'WADE F&F' at 0.5 SOL (USD 17) or 21 IP3 (USD 11), a reasonable price considered by the community. Furthermore, creator royalty is set at 0%, providing a user-friendly environment, reducing secondary sales cost. With its close network with various IP business partners, CRIPCO has the ability and competitiveness to stably carry out projects by presenting an IP NFT portfolio with solid planning and growth potential.

Following the successful sell-out of 'WADE F&F', CRIPCO has also announced to drop OOZ & mates PFP, the company's second NFT project with IPX. Designed as the first Web 3.0 original character IP launched by IPX, OOZ & mates debuted as an NFT project, and started as a born-to-be digital IP business breaking away from the traditional character or IP launch formula of product merchandises or animations. OOZ & mates will be released as 9,999 unique NFTs, featuring nine different Super Deformation (SD) animal characters with unique personalities and charms.

WADE, the IP that powers 'WADE F&F', made waves after the recent announcement of its partnership with PEACEMINUSONE, a fashion label established by fashion and culture muse G-Dragon in 2016. There is now growing excitement about how both WADE and PEACEMINUSONE will bring together their respective values of diversity and freedom through the NFT platform. Global trendsetters and brands in fashion, music, and IP will complete the IP 3.0 ecosystem together, lowering entry barriers into the NFT market, and providing a glimpse into CRIPCO's goal to popularize IP-based NFT.

A CRIPCO official thanked users for their overwhelming response to 'WADE F&F' and said the company would continue to collaborate with partners in global subculture, fashion, and music to promote creative inspiration, and make more users experience the company's vision of popularizing NFT.

CRIPCO started its business by listing IP3 tokens on FTX in July, and successfully launched its first membership NFT project in just three months. CRIPCO is now rapidly expanding by leading Web2 users familiar with existing IPs to a variety of IP-based NFTs and the new Web3 through partnerships with creators and fashion brands loved by street fashion enthusiasts worldwide.