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Tamadoge P2E Sensation Raises $8.5 Million in Presale - Less Than 40% of Tokens Left

Play-to-Earn (P2E) game Tamadoge has reached another major milestone, completing 60% of its presale by raising $8.5 million from contributors.

Tamadoge P2E Sensation Raises $8.5 Million in Presale - Less Than 40% of Tokens Left img#1

Tamadoge P2E Sensation Raises $8.5 Million in Presale - Less Than 40% of Tokens Left

Play-to-Earn (P2E) game Tamadoge has reached another major milestone, completing 60% of its presale by raising $8.5 million from contributors.

In the latest (fifth) phase of the sale to close, the TAMA token was priced at 1 USDT to 50 TAMA.

The token price has now risen to a rate of 1 USDT to 44.44 TAMA in the sixth phase of the presale.

Six-hundred million tokens have been sold from a total of 1 billion available in the presale, with the price rising for each successive token tranche. TAMA's total supply is 2 billion.

There are less than 40% of presale tokens left for purchase, with the allocation draining fast.

Tamadoge sold for 1 USDT/100 TAMA (1 TAMA = 0.01) in the initial beta sale phase, in which 200 million tokens were sold. Several tranches of 100 million tokens have followed since then.

The token price keeps rising until it reaches $0.03, equivalent to x3 the beta sale price.

The next price to beat will begin in the seventh phase when 1 USDT buys 40 TAMA.

Meme coins are grabbing retail investor attention

Far from fading from view, meme coins continue to attract the attention of crypto investors, especially those coins leveraging the Doge and Shiba brand names.

Tamadoge is benefiting from the strong interest in what was once seen as the frivolous end of the market, given that Dogecoin started life as a joke.

But Meme coins like Tamadoge are very far from being frivolous – Tamadoge is now arguably leading the way with a product offering based on fundamental value.

At the time of writing, for example, crypto data site Coinmarketcap shows the Play-to-Earn crypto category outperforming all others by a wide margin over the past 24 hours, registering an average price rise of 30%.

Tamadoge is making play-to-earn fun

In contrast to many previous P2E games, Tamadoge is focusing on being a fun game to play so that users will keep coming back for more.

Tamadoge rewards its players for how diligently they look after their Tamadoge Pet. By taking your dog for walkies, feeding it, clothing it and honing its skills for battle with other pets, players earn dogepoints.

Dogepoints can be turned into TAMA tokens, which means their value is seamlessly transferable across the crypto space.

Each individual unique pet has a 3D avatar version that is being designed to be fully integratable with augmented reality metaverse worlds. Indeed, Tamadoge is constructing its very own Tamaverse.

Also, TAMA is an ERC20 token – the most important blockchain for running industrial-scale applications which means it stands to benefit from the Ethereum Merge.

The Merge, as it is known, will eventually see transaction throughput increase and costs reduce considerably, all eventually making for better gaming experiences for players. It will also lower the carbon footprint massively of games such as Tamadoge.

Another benefit of being an ERC20 token is that it makes centralised exchange listings far less problematic than say with tokens built to the BNB Smart Chain standard, BEP20.

Tamadoge is making play-to-earn fun

Tamadoge is designed to be easy to play and is deliberately based on a straightforward concept and format in order to guarantee a mass market appeal for the project.

There are also plans to introduce fiat onboarding, so ordinary money can be used to buy TAMA, the gateway token for unlocking the utility of the platform

Fees from sales in the Tamadoge NFT Petstore are fundamental to generating revenue, with the deflationary economics providing a stable underpinning for value across the platform.

In Q4 2022, the Tamadoge NFT Petstore and the battling and P2E leaderboards will launch.

Early in 2023, the team will be seeking out partnerships in the metaverse space.

Later, during Q3 2023, the Tamadoge P2E Arcade opens its doors and on display will be a collection of P2E games.

Finally, the last part of the current roadmap is marked by the appearance of the Tamadoge augmented reality app, where users will be able to interact with their pet in the real world.

Billions of dollars is being invested in P2E

A DappRadar report found that in Q1 2022 venture capital firms had invested $2.5 billion in blockchain P2E gaming projects. That compares to $4 billion for the whole of 2021 in the throes of the bull market.

Investors will also be aware that gaming projects have been the least affected by the so-called crypto winter, which has seen a steep drawdown in price elsewhere in the crypto complex.

But as the Tamadoge fundraise demonstrates, decentralised offerings direct to the public can be a much better way for projects to get started and for ordinary people to get in on the ground floor of high-flying prospects.

Influential 'whales' buying Tamadoge

Among the buyers of Tamadoge could be some whales – crypto terminology for deep-pocketed traders and investors.

Elon Musk is known to be a fan of Dogecoin, for instance, and Tamadoge may have appeared on his radar.

Either way, the Tamadoge project does have backing from individuals involved with other successful meme coins.

The consumer-friendly appeal and transparent business model has also helped the project to generate impressive metrics in its social growth.

Notably, its Telegram group now has 28,250 members and most impressively, the Twitter account has amassed nearly 48,000 followers.

In further encouragement for investors, Tamadoge has recently strengthened its team.

Thomas Seabrook, formerly of WMS and StarDigital, is the lead games developer and Carl Dawkins, previously marketing manager at SocialBlox and Koda is head of growth.

Tamadoge $100,000 giveaway

Tamadoge is currently running a $100,000 giveaway, with the most recent winner picked live on YouTube on 24th August.

To contribute to the Tamadoge fundraise, interested parties will need to connect with their crypto wallets, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet, at buy.tamadoge.io.

To buy the TAMA token, investors will need ETH or USDT. ETH can be bought directly on the Tamadoge presale site.

Tamadoge is audited by Solid Proof and KYC'd by Coinsniper.