London, GB, Mar. 09, 2023, 04:06 am EST
Car management app Caura accelerates advertising with Ekstasy

All-in-one car app, Caura is taking its marketing up to top gear - The platform has just partnered with creative ad agency Ekstasy - Ekstasy has a history of helping tech companies scale into household names

Caura car management app working with Ekstasy creative agency img#1
Caura car management app working with Ekstasy creative agency

Car management app Caura accelerates advertising with Ekstasy

Rave reviews for Caura

Tens of thousands of motorists already enjoy Caura. Through the app, they can stay up-to-date with tax, MOTs, insurance, city charges and even avoid traffic fines. The clever platform combines more than 25 existing websites into one personalised and seamless experience.

"A MUST DOWNLOAD", raves one customer Ethan Ferrari on the app store. "Excellent App" comments another. Overall, Caura has close to 3,000 reviews on App Store alone, earning an impressive 4.8/5 stars.

The app has won awards, as well as the seal of approval from investors like Jaguar Land Rover and Lloyds Banking Group. It's poised to go far.

Driving growth with customer acquisition

Indeed, Caura's customer base is about to get bigger. Following a hugely successful investment round in January 2023, CEO and founder Dr Sai Lakshmi is joining forces with creative agency Ekstasy. Together, they're looking to reach Britain's 30 million motorists.

"Customer acquisition is a core focus as we move into the next stage of the journey", comments Dr Lakshmi. "As Caura matures, we're looking to develop the brand and inspire more drivers to download and use our array of seamless services".

"To achieve this, Ekstasy was the obvious choice. The team is creative, insightful, and simply produces excellent work. We believe they are the best choice to drive customer acquisition".

This isn't the first time that Dr Lakshmi's startups have joined forces with Ekstasy. In 2021, Ekstasy worked on successful tv-integrated advertising campaigns for Echo, the second largest pharmacy in the UK, which was also founded by Dr Lakshmi.

An excellent track record

The partnership is one to watch. Ekstasy has a rich history of helping to scale-up tech companies into household names. Over the years, the agency has created ads for now mega-famous brands like Starling Bank, SumUp and Klarna.

"My personal obsession is with seeing innovative technology becoming big brands and in turn making the lives of their customers easier", beams CEO and Founder, Mike Saraswat. "Ekstasy has a fantastic opportunity to help Caura become a multi-category leader. In many ways help Caura create its own brand new category of an all-in-one car app".

Motorists are in for a treat. As the two award-winning services join forces, millions more car owners will have a world of convenience at their fingertips.